Welcome! This is to sign up for a ride to Oasis - normally on Friday nights at 8! However, the next 2 weeks we will start at 7pm with ride pickups btw 6:40 and 7! So disregard times mentioned below! Please sign up by Thur night if at all possible -but for sure by Friday at 2. If later than that- go ahead and sign up, but ALSO, text the ride coordinator at 832-599-5474 to let them know you've signed up. We likely won’t see it otherwise. For pickups at Apartments: You'll need to be at your Ap't leasing office between 7:30 and 7:45pm on Friday. Someone will contact you to let you know who will be picking you up and what time to be there. For pickups at McD's Northgate: No one will call you ahead of time, just be there by 7:40 and look for an Oasis tshirted person inside. (To be kind to McD's, try to order a drink or something for every couple of folks there :))